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July 9, 2005





ARTICLE I – Chapter Name


The name of this not-for-profit organization shall be the Lincolnland Coachmen chapter

of the FMCA ( chartered July 13, 1974)



ARTICLE II - Chapter colors and symbols


The chapter colors will be black on white. The chapter symbol will be a black Lincoln head

on a white background in an oval shape.





The purpose of this chapter will be:


   A. To cooperate with all matters which are working toward conservation of our natural resources.


   B. To better promote the use of our coaches for family enjoyment and fellowship.


   C. To promote the use of our coaches for educational and scenic purposes for children and adults



   D. To plan group campouts and weekend trips.


   E. To promote safety in travel and camping.



ARTICLE IV - Membership and Fees


Section 1. This chapter was formed as part of FMCA, and is a non-profit, volunteer, national  

                 organization of motor coach owners.


Section 2. The membership in the Lincolnland Coachmen will be limited in number to a workable



Section 3. Any motorhome owner who is a member of FMCA (in good standing) and who will

                 abide by the local chapter by-laws, is eligible for membership.  Full Lifetime and Life

                 Members shall not be required to own a qualifying motorhome, but must abide by all

                 chapter by-laws.


Section 4. The annual dues will be payable prior to December 31. A member shall be considered not

                 In good standing and shall have no voting rights, if the dues are not paid by December 31.

                 The annual dues for the next fiscal year are payable at anytime prior to the end of the

                 current fiscal year.



Article V - Voting Power


Section 1. The chapter has established that voting will be 1 vote for each adult member.



Article VI - Officers


Section 1. The officers of the chapter shall be a President, two vice-presidents, a Secretary, a

                 Treasurer, a National Director, an Alternate National Director, a MAC Representative,

                  and an Alternate MAC Representative, all of whom shall perform the duties that usually

                  pertain to these offices.


Section 2. The officers will be nominated by a nominating committee and from the floor. Election will

                  be by written ballot when required. New officers will take office January 1.

                  The term of office will be for one year.


Section 3. If any vacancies occur during the year, a special meeting may be called by the officers to

                determine if the position needs to be filled. The membership will elect a replacement



Section 4. The officers shall be the governing body of the Lincolnland Coachmen chapter, and shall

                  perform such functions and duties as may be ordered by a majority of the membership

                    in good standing, in attendance at the regular meeting.


Section 5. The President and the two Vice Presidents may serve a maximum of two consecutive

                 terms of one year each. This does not disqualify this person from again serving in the

                 same capacity at some future time.



ARTICLE VII - Committees


Section 1. A nominating committee shall consist of three members elected by the membership


Section 2. Committee members and Chairpersons (except nominating committee) shall be appointed

                  by the President.


Section 3. Annually, the President shall appoint a committee to review the club's financial records and

                 report their findings to the membership.  Such review shall be conducted in conjunction

                 with the Treasurer.





Section 1. The annual meeting will be the September meeting at which nominations for officers shall

                  be received and voted upon by written ballot if necessary. Officers will take office the

                  following January. Each member will be duly notified thirty (30) days prior to the

                  September meeting.


Section 2. Short business meetings will be held at each campout if needed.


ARTICLE IX - Fiscal Year


Section 1. The fiscal year of the chapter will begin January 1 through December 31.



ARTICLE X - Constitution


Section 1. This constitution may be amended by two-thirds majority vote of the membership. The

                  intention to amend the constitution shall be communicated, in writing, to the

                  membership thirty (30) days prior to the time taking vote.



ARTICLE XI - By-laws


Section 1. These by-laws may be amended by a majority of the members via a mail in ballot or in

                  person, provided the intention to amend the by-laws shall have been made, in writing, to

                  the membership at least thirty(30) days prior the deadline set for receiving votes.


Section 2. "ROBERTS" rules of order shall govern all meetings of the chapter.  A quorum to conduct

                  club business shall be considered as twenty-five (25) percent of the current paid



Section 3. The individual rights of all members shall be respected at all times.


Section 4. The regular order of business at all meetings shall be as follows:


   A.  Call to order


    B.  Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting


    C.  Reading of the Treasurer's report


    D.  Introduction of guests and non-members


    E.  Unfinished business


    F.  Nomination of officers at the September meeting


    G.  New business


H.     Program


I.   Adjournment




ARTICLE XII - Incorporation


Section 1    Lincolnland Coachmen shall be incorporated as an Illinois Not-for-Profit 



Section 2    For purposes of incorporation, the club officers shall be the Board of Directors.


Section 3   The President shall appoint the corporation's registered agent, and his/her

                   address shall serve as the corporation's current mailing address.


Section 4   The Secretary shall be responsible for filing the State of Illinois Report.


Section  5   The Treasurer shall be responsible for filing the Annual IRS Report.


Section 6    The corporation’s operational year and fiscal year shall correspond with

                    the club's operational year and fiscal year