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Lincolnland Coachmen                

Chapter Standing Rules


As of May 6th, 2008


  1. Rallies shall be scheduled the 1st full weekend of the month unless it is a holiday weekend, otherwise it will be the following weekend.              Rallies are held during the months of May through October starting Friday though Sunday.


  1. A $5 fee will be charged to each member coach attending the rally. The Committee shall be allotted expenditures of $5 per coach plus $100. The Wagonmaster will collect the fee and turn it over to the Treasurer. The Treasurer will pay the allotted amount to the Committee upon receipt of the bills. The club will be responsible for payment of LLC guests or perspective members attending on a 1st time invite only.


  1. Each member is expected to serve on one Rally Committee per year.


  1. The annual Chapter dues shall be $15.00 per FMCA membership number.


  1. Members will be responsible for providing their own table service for all meals provided at Chapter rallies. Coffee will be provided at monthly rallies.


  1. Supplies: Coffee, tablecloths, paper towels, stamps etc. shall be paid for as the need arises


  1. Minutes and mailing to be sent by e-mail as possible.


  1. In the case of death of a chapter member the Secretary should notify the Treasurer to make a donation in the amount of $50.00 to                                the surviving spouse or family member.


  1. Any change in Standing Rules shall be voted on by the membership.